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Category : Strategy

  • Pronto Piping Game

    Pronto Piping Game

    by Ken Lawton


    Puzzle/Action game. Attach segments of pipe to let the water flow. The object of the game is to make contiguous segments of pipes so that the water can flow through them. You...

  • Hexa 1010! Fill the Hexagon Blocks

    Hexa 1010! is an addicting brain teaser with simple yet challenging games designed to train your brain. Challenge your puzzle game skills with this exciting skill game that wi...

  • Stick NinjaStar

    Stick NinjaStar

    by kiyan softech


    ◉ ==== STICK NINJA STAR === ◉ Stick Ninja Star is the best ninja game for you to test your brain skills. ◉ How To Play ? Hold your finger on screen to make the stick ...

  • Popular
    Guardians: Royal Journey

    Guardians: Royal Journey

    by 玉杰 陈


    Guardians: Royal Journey is a fun and addictive strategy tower defense game brought to you by Haypi Co., Ltd.. With its cute and adorable art style and its casual gameplay it ...

  • Army Defense Tower Premium

    Army Defense Tower Premium

    by Zulkifli Ar

    All Profit From this game will Donate. Fight on tropical islands, in mountains, and in deserts. Command your Army iron troops and find the best defense strategy to become nu...

  • Shapes and Operations by  Hema Chandran B

    Use the three primitive shapes namely circle, square & triangle and operations like union, intersection & difference to create complex shapes. You can scale, translat...

  • Loser Simulator

    Loser Simulator

    by Leany Astrakov


    Loser (Simulator) involves a complex assortment of decision-making and luck. Every function in the game affects you in one way or another. The longer you live, the harder it b...

  • Jolly Duels - Multiplayer match three game

    ◈ The sweetest multiplayer game ever! ◈ Over 1 000 000 players worldwide ◈ Exciting match-3 gameplay "I love match-3 games and the feeling of competing with real p...

  • Gomoku


    by Y.S.Kidgames


    Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game, also called Gobang,Tic Tac Toe or Five in a Row. Black plays first, and players alternate in placing a stone of their color on an e...

  • Invasion Of Barbarians

    Invasion Of Barbarians

    by Денис Кузин

    Once upon a time… My lord, our lands are attacked!  Having been got out of naked women, accompanied with heart-rending servant’s shout, you harried up to a...

  • Life Hacks and Tips

    Life Hacks and Tips

    by GameProchedinc


    If you're looking for a way to make your life better and happy you are in the right place life hacks and tips is for you and it's free. The are 100 life hacks & ti...

  • Galaxy of Iron

    Galaxy of Iron

    by Claude Newman


    Iron Sky Games is proud to present Galaxy of Iron, a real-time strategy game. Choose your race, build your fleet and conquer the galaxy. Research different power-ups, customiz...