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Category : Puzzle

  • Little Viking: Dungeon of Doom

    Little Viking: Dungeon of Doom

    by WhitePanther Studios


    Help the little viking looting all the treasures. Solve tricky brain teasing puzzles with the little viking in the dungeon of doom. Get golds and unlock levels. The more you m...

  • Unblock Gem: Become a Jeweler

    Unblock Gem: Become a Jeweler

    by Mykola Vovk


    Unblock Gem - puzzle game in the style of games of "Tag" and play a series of "Unblock Me" in which the main purpose is to set the highlighted color of mai...

  • Memory Games free: Cute Cats

    Cute kittens games: kitty cat games with countless beautiful cat pictures You love little cute cats? You enjoy their purr when you caress them? Then Memory Games free: Cute C...

  • Mind Puzzle

    Mind Puzzle

    by LaKiLa


    Original turn-based puzzle about journey of Marvin. Every level operates under a specific set of rules that, once determined, will allow you to predict behavior of traps and ...

  • PPAP pineapple pen

    PPAP pineapple pen

    by Martynas Pocius


    ★★★ PPAP PINEAPPLE APPLE PEN IS COMING TO YOUR MINDS ★★★ PPAP pineapple pen is good game where you draw lines and play with apple, pen and pineapple. Put fruits t...

  • Animals Puzzle Zoo free

    Wild animal puzzles for kids free: safari zoo games with real animals Your little one loves the zoo? All the wild animals? Then Animals Puzzle Zoo free is the right wild anim...

  • Fallin (free) - Addictive, Falling down, Endless Puzzle Game

    Fallin - Addictive Endless Action Time Killer Navigate through endless obstacles like circles, squares or more difficult and imaginatively elements while you fall down in fr...

  • BlockedUp!


    by Wayne Perry


    Very addictive and challenging puzzle game, Just pickup and play, can be enjoyed from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, and from ages 4 - 104 All you have to do is drop the blocks in...

  • Popular
    Knight's tour

    Knight's tour

    by fynteam


    Knight's Tour is a variation on a classic puzzle that involves moving a knight around a chessboard. It's an exciting game in which you collect coins by moving in an &q...

  • Sponsored
    InkaCode - Calculate your Inka IQ

    A tricky puzzle game. Collect stones and help building a temple for the inca king. But watch out for the snakes under the stones! Collect the stones in the right order and you...

  • Horse Puzzles Collection

    Free puzzle games for adults and kids. Cool horse games & beautiful horse pics. Horses are majestic creatures, capable of incredible feats of athleticism. You love horses...

  • Memory: Animals

    Memory: Animals

    by Premium Software


    Memory: Animals - memory game for children and adults will help train your memory and ability to concentrate child and yours. Aligning images with animals in the game mem...