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Category : Card

  • Memory Games free: Cute Cats

    Cute kittens games: kitty cat games with countless beautiful cat pictures You love little cute cats? You enjoy their purr when you caress them? Then Memory Games free: Cute C...

  • Animals Puzzle Zoo free

    Wild animal puzzles for kids free: safari zoo games with real animals Your little one loves the zoo? All the wild animals? Then Animals Puzzle Zoo free is the right wild anim...

  • Horse Puzzles Collection

    Free puzzle games for adults and kids. Cool horse games & beautiful horse pics. Horses are majestic creatures, capable of incredible feats of athleticism. You love horses...

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    Cat Games Free

    Cute kittens games: Puzzles and sounds in this awesome kitty cat games app You love little cute kittens? You enjoy their purr when you caress them? Then Cat Games Free Puzzle...

  • Sheep Matching Games

    Play crazy sheep games with memory games for kids and matching games for adults Play funny sheep games with sheep games free and find the wolf in sheep's clothing. Play! ...

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    Math Puzzle Bingo

    Do you like math puzzle games and bingo? Than this is the game just for you,  that will give you hours of fun and It's only 2Mb game. It's very simple to play, ...

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    Temple Ryda

    Temple Ryda

    by Yo Kelvin


    Finally you dive into the world of ancient temple, relying on quick speed to survive from straight creatures and obstacle you perform stunt and jump with high velocity to pre...

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    Puzzard AR

    This is an Augmented Reality Puzzle-Card game in which you can interact with the content by adding additional cards on the table and pointing your mobile device's camera t...

  • PumpJack Poker

    PumpJack Poker

    by Claude Newman


    World's Fiercest Social Poker Game - PumpJack Poker! Improve your poker skills on the best poker app around, no matter you're an expert, absolute beginner, or a poker...

  • Solitaire Squares

    Solitaire Squares

    by Wayne Perry


    This is a unique puzzle game based around existing formulas, all you have to do is create each of the suit of cards by sliding them over the other tiles. Slide the higher til...

  • 21 Solitaire Game

    21 Solitaire Game

    by Ken Lawton


    Combines some of the skill of Blackjack with the simplicity of solitaire. Score as high as you can. Play until you run out of moves. The original version of this game is well...

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    Fish Memory Games free

    Fish card games are fish games free with goldfish, seahorses, blow fish and more