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Category : Board

  • Kitty Cat Puzzles

    You love little cute kittens? You enjoy their purr when you caress them? Then Kitty Cat Puzzles is the right cat app! These cute cats games contain   6 level...

  • Pyramid Mystery Solitaire

    Pyramid Mystery Solitaire

    by David Gimenez


    This solitaire game is going to impress. It is a great challenge. Encourage in each of the levels of the ancient Egypt. You find a way to remove the tabs of each level with ...

  • Hexa 7

    Hexa 7

    by LTG Games


    Hexa 7 is a very fun and exciting block puzzle game. It makes you keep for FREE. HOW TO PLAY =========== - Drag a numbered hexagon block into the cells to place them. You can...

  • Match me

    Match me

    by Y.S.Kidgames


    Goal of the game to find two related to each other object. This game give your child an opportunity to practice their problem solving skills and feel successful in a fun, int...

  • Jewel Quest - Match 3

    Jewel Quest - Match 3

    by BiBi Smartgame


    Jewel Quest - Match 3 is an amazing and classical match-3 puzzle game like a fruity, candy or cookie puzzle game. There are many crazy puzzles that are created from beautiful ...

  • Pikablocks: Pikachu block game

    Pikablocks: Pikachu block game

    by PyramidaGames


    Pikablocks is an exclusive puzzle game block design with poké characters like pika chu ... Pikachu block game poké Edition contains best puzzle tiles with exciti...

  • Pikachu Blocks 2: block Puzzle

    Pikachu Blocks 2: block Puzzle

    by PyramidaGames


    Pikachu Block Puzzle 2 is an exclusive game block design with poké characters like pika chu ... block 2 poké Edition contains best puzzle tiles with exciting fou...

  • Dominoes Merge - Block Puzzle

    Dominoes Merge - Block Puzzle

    by PyramidaGames


    Classic dominoes puzzle is free now. It's the most famous merge puzzle and brain game. As a classic puzzle game, Dominoes Merge Puzzle is popular for a long time. No matte...

  • Follow the Line 2 - Glow

    Follow the Line 2 - Glow

    by PyramidaGames


    Follow the Line Glow in Space now is ready for you! Just slide your finger and stay inside the glow line. Dont touch the obstacles and try to catch the crystals on your way.Th...

  • ZigZag Double Walls - glow

    ZigZag Double Walls - glow

    by PyramidaGames


    We offer new possibilities in the Zig Zag Glow! Continuation of the beloved game Zig Zag. Stay with your ball on the wall as long as possible, just tap the screen to change th...

  • Piano tap Pikachu: ocean tiles

    Piano tap Pikachu: ocean tiles

    by PyramidaGames


    pikachu piano : underwater tiles edition is a new and exclusive arcade game with new yellow tiles graphic. In this version of tiles game you must click only pika chu tiles and...

  • Popular
    Music Piano: Glow Tiles

    Music Piano: Glow Tiles

    by PyramidaGames


    Music Piano (Black & White Tiles) is very simple to play! Tap the colored tiles, don’t tap the white tiles in space. Do not miss any colored tiles ever after high sp...