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Category : Arcade

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    Balloon Duck

    Duck, duck, duck... DUCK. Here is a short story about a little duck that was unable to fly on it's own. But he still wanted to, just like his other duck friends. He was sa...

  • Flappy Pirate Boy

    Flappy Pirate Boy

    by Lee Nash


    Everyone Loves a Flappy Game, and Flappy Pirate Boy is just as Fun and Addictive as the rest.  Maneuver the Pirate safely through the obstacles without bumping into th...

  • Water Bomb

    Water Bomb

    by SoftHealer Entertainments


    * Water Bomb * This is Totally New Concept for Game Lover.You're in for some action and adventure during your water bomb. ***CONSTANT CHALLENGES AND ENDLESS FUN*** Only...

  • Rogue Castle

    Rogue Castle

    by Claude Newman


    Rogue Castle is a roguelike platformer with fast paced action. Somewhere on earth, monsters have secretly invaded castles, and nested in there. You are a knight with mastered ...

  • Toilet Diver

    Toilet Diver

    by TN-Interactive


    Dive as deep as you can while dodging piles of ****! Pick up power-ups to get an advantage and collect coins to upgrade these power-ups. You can compare your high score with...

  • Boo Ninja Slash

    Boo Ninja Slash

    by StomStudio Games


    Play Boo Ninja Slash to explore the nuances of slashing fruit. The Boo Ninja have to train so as to prepare for the incoming invasion of enemies. The Boo fruit ninja are pract...

  • Roll N Bass

    Roll n Base! Roll through the (im)possible levels to the beat of the base! Do you like listening to drum and bass and playing games at the same time? Well, we have good news ...

  • Fat Jumping Ninja

    Fat Jumping Ninja

    by Crank Goblin


    Help Fat Ninja to jump higher and higher. Reach unreached platforms! There are 4 ninjas to unlock - each of them is faster than wind and quicker than sound (or something like ...

  • Stomp - arcade smash action

    Stomp - arcade smash action

    by DarkmanStudio


    Free to play brilliant new game that presents the user with a fresh gaming experience. This microsite was designed to entice and inform potential users on what this game has t...

  • Jelly Candy Blast

    Now you can pop the Jellies and candies with Lots of fun to be explored cool candies to be blasted by you.

  • The Ball Sprint

    The Ball Sprint

    by Mopiku


    The Ball Sprint is a game where you need to move the ball to the finish line as fast as you can. To accelerate the ball you have to tilt your device. The more you tilt it, the...

  • Plasma Ball

    Plasma Ball

    by TN-Interactive


    Use a plasma ball to shoot all obstacles before they reach the bottom. Control the ball by drawing shields in certain angles. Features: - Unlock different balls - Use power-...