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Category : Android

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    Some thieves are trying to steal your treasure by exploiting the mine! Will you survive and keep your treasure safe? *Instructions: -Kill your enemies by exploiting dynamite...

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    Say It Yourself

    With this game you can discover in every moment quotes from all over the world, from all over the ages. The quotes are divided into 3 categories: Easy, Medium and Hard. A spec...

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    Memory Mines - Bomb Sweep

    Fifty mines. Ten are active. Use your memory to clear the rest! Test your brain and mind with Memory Mines, a fun casual puzzle game that requires your skills in memorisation...

  • Super Gravity Dipper Adventure

    Gravity Dipper adventure Game is FREE now !! Are you ready to go on an adventure with Gravity pacifica falls. ?? Gravity Dipper adventure it's a new crazy game from Gravi...

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    Super star ward bb8

    Super star wars bb8 Game is FREE now !! Are you ready to go on an BB8 adventure ? star wars adventure it's a new crazy game from " bb8 " , it's Adventure ga...

  • Jibawi Moto

    Jibawi Moto

    by Barbarossa Tiyane


    Jibawi Moto is a Moto game. The Moto would like to collect more cherries. But there are many hindrances / obstacles; lock, toadstool, etc. Help the cute Moto by running and ju...

  • App Install Recorder

    App Install Recorder

    by Dezits


    Have you ever wanted to record the uninstall history of application like a tool or game? This app is a tool to record uninstalled app history and browse those apps. It li...

  • Fast Speed Race Free

    Fast Speed Race Free

    by Dream-Up


    Come to discover incredible Sensations with "Fast Speed Race"! Your device is not very powerful? Don't worry, "Fast Speed Race" is optimized to work o...

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    Clash of Champs

    Rise to the top of the heavyweight game in Clash of Champs – the latest all-action app from Shannon Briggs. With simple one-touch controls, Clash of Champs puts your re...

  • Flowers Photo Crop

    Flowers Photo Crop

    by Creativs Soft


    Can you believe that your favorite image can be shaped like the flower you admire so much? It is true! Just by downloading the latest ♦Flowers Photo Crop♦ app free...

  • Roses Photo Crop Editor

    Roses Photo Crop Editor

    by Creativs Soft


    A bouquet of roses is something you are looking forward the most when you are getting flowers. Red ones are your favorite and you love feeling their sweet fragrance in your no...

  • Tiger Photo Crop

    Tiger Photo Crop

    by Creativs Soft


    We would like to present you the latest ♦Tiger Photo Crop♦ that is going to thrill all you animal lovers. This is the biggest wild cat in the jungle and all other ...